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Friday, January 16, 2009 | 4:06 AM
Sick of Examination... || Back to top.

♥ Damn the semester exam still left 3 subjects more... Tiredness and stress are totally unbearable!!! :(

English for communication is just okay, I cant manage to finish it, keep blaming on myself for to focus on comprehension too much!!! wtf

Macroeconomics... Not that tough as I thought. Hmm I did put loads of effort on it, hopefully can pass :)

Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan.. Really wasting time for doing this. Just soso, especially the 'terjemahan' thingy. I hate BM!!! Thought there's no BM anymore after secondary school isshh..

Left FOA, QS and BISA..
Seriously the FOA is not a good thing!! I hate accounting!!! I dont no what I can do to handle this subs :( But there's no choice, I still have to face the reality to pass the subs before I graduate, luckily there's no more accounting anymore after the second semester. Sigh* I cant imagine how's those people survive of being a accountant??!! Totally freak me out...

I really must work harder on it thou I hate accounting so much!!!
No more interruption until the stupid exam is over<3

Wish me luck :)
GOD bless me..



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