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Thursday, January 22, 2009 | 6:17 AM
Sem 2 is over... || Back to top.

♥ Im back!! :) Sorry for lack of update due to for struggling for exam these days. Will be more updates after the exam is over which is on 24/1 saturday. ( Woohoo the day is almost come soon, just 2 more days and I gonna be free for 5 weeks wahaha~) Im gonna plan for my 5 weeks to-do-list, dont wanna to waste my precious 5 weeks holidays :)

Hmm speaking about exam... I dont think I can do it well on my BISA and FOA. One word, FAIL-ing. Darn Im so moodless and upset when I think about this 2 subs. Used to it, perhaps? Haih... felt that Im so useless.. And, I just came back from bukit bintang to have some shopping with my coursemates after the Bisa paper is over, darn I did not shop well because my friend is rush in time for another event. Ishh I wanna shop till drop after CNY hee :D

Sorry cause I dont have the mood to blogging right now, just a short post :p
Emo-ing... haih :( Im not that strong enough...

Ciaoz larh. Time to have my beauty sleep :)
Lazy liao . Byeeee