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Sunday, January 25, 2009 | 5:29 AM
I Miss Partaaayy!! || Back to top.

Oh fucking exam is finally over!!! It's Over!! Wahaha~ Stress are totally gone naturally yeah!! :D No need to study like hell and burn the midnight oil every single night!! All I want is Partaaay and shopping!! *winks*

On the evening, I got a call from babe Niki, asking me whether wanna join her to club at Poppy Garden... Hmm how can I resist it since Im craving it for soo much eh?!
My answer is surely 100% confirm :)
But not that fun as I thought caused it was totally crowded there, wanna walk to some where else also difficult :( the good thing is I had met a lots of friends at there hehe :)
Piccies Time
There's no difference after dyed my hair. Wasted :(

Fav pic of the night :) Niki & me.

Shan Shan :)

Ken & Kiit :). The fucking drunkard.

Hmm Im wishing for more parties and parties hehe... Wanna play hard, work hard( part-time job), sleep hard(pig's life), lose weight(a lil too plump huh?) and shop till drop(confessions of a shopaholic) XD Earn more money to get the stuffs that I really want for so long :) Gambateh!
Tomorrow need to wake up early to have brunch/reunion with my big family hee...
More red packets please...

Happy holidays to my beloves classmates muacks~
And Im hereby to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Ox Year :)
Everything will go smoothly and dreams will come true..