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Monday, January 12, 2009 | 3:51 AM
Hi Blogger Bye Xanga. || Back to top.

♥ Hello:) Yes, finally I've changed my blog to blogger. Im kinda new in blogger but the gadgets here inside are much more easy to use compare to Xanga. It's because Xanga is too slow when uploading photos or even customizing my blog, blogger is much more faster :) And finally I added my own cbox too hehe... the previous in Xanga has error when I post them up. At first when I started blogging, some of my friends were suggest me to use blogger... Hmm so I guess Im back to blogger now and I can link my beloved friends wherever I want. I'll miss Xanga so much cause many of my previous posts are over there, I'll not close my account at there so everyone still can visit my Xanga site for those previous posts :)

Nowadays, kinda busy for doing revision for my coming soon examination. I really wanna work hard on it, if not Im sure I'll be really regret and guilty to disappoint my family again. Panda eyes really sooo damn serious haha!!

Macroeconomics!! Hehe...
Green Tea is to awaking me from sleepyness :)

Chinese New Year is around the corner!!! Cant wait at all!! Want more red packets hehe :) My exam will comes to an end before cny... On saturday, went to Raja Chulan to attend my mom sis's wedding dinner, I even cant eat the dishes on that night because I have to go to work :( Work in pub for selling taquilla, kinda annoying at first... hope this job is suit me I guess =.='

Struggling for my exam lorh :)

Thanks for visiting my new blog.