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Thursday, January 29, 2009 | 1:39 AM
First day of CNY. || Back to top.

Happy CNY and gong xi fa cai everyone!!! :) Every year of the first day of CNY, we'll usually have a big reunion and had lunch buffet in somewhere hotel with my big family. Can be said as our Teo's family tradition :) On the first day of CNY, we were waiting for the other relatives to meet up at my grandpa's old house as usual while collecting some angpaos from my uncles and aunts. (Hunting angpao operation begun haha XD) Then, me and my big family members had our lunch buffet at Boulevard Hotel Mid Valley when all the relatives has arrived.

Met all of my cousins that did not meet for an ages hehe :) Chat and chat non-stop haha :) We took alots of pictures as usual^^

Hug & kisses :)

Taken by my cousin sis Aisya^^
Please ignore the fatty Tracy haha XD

My dearest Papa, mummy, lil bro and sis :)

All of my lovely cousins^^

The girls.

The boys.

Me and my cousin Xing Wei :)

Asri Teo :)

Aisya Teo :)
Kim Man :)

Tiger Lee :)

Thou is quite bored that day, but at least can met all of my cousins caused most of the time they're busy, and we're really seldom to meet up for each other :) Cousins and cousins bonding time haha XD
That's all for the first day of CNY post larh.
On the next day of CNY, went to Kuantan to meet up my mum's side relatives as usual. Most of my relatives's relationship from Kuantan are more closer than the local's one hehe :) Soo glad to see them^^
But sadly saw my grandpa still in not very well condition because of his kidney failure problem :(
Hope he'll get well soon. Take care yah all of my cousins in Kuantan caused it's really hard to meet them since Kuantan is quite far from KL.