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Wednesday, January 28, 2009 | 12:45 AM
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♥ Hello everyone!! How's life? I had alots of fun these days.. I told to myself must enjoy till to the fullest for my 5 weeks semester break with no regret. Clubs, parties, shopping spree, outing my dearest babes, and jobs and coming soon more and more haha XD

Hmm I really must have to plan my to-do-list, hmphh just to improve myself to live a better life and not with procrastination and laziness for the 5 weeks holidays :) cacat

I really need a hair make over. My hair colour looks like highlighted but if you know me well I hates highlighted hair, I still prefer my hair colour with only one tone of colour. I love ma hair :)

I need to clean up my damn messy room hahaha until now I havent clean up my room for CNY... How lazy am I!! XD Some pics of my room^^

This is a bad news. I dont have any confidence for the result of my second sem exam, I mean, if my result still remain unsatisfactory maybe I'll plan to leave my college :( I've tried my very best, wait until the result came out then . But I'll really miss them badly :(

DMK5 Forever!! XD

I need to work so hard to earn more money wakaka XD Earn more splurge more!!! I want M.A.C cosmetics, I want more more clothes, shoes and accessories!! XD I dont wanna to depends too much on my dad larh. I wanna be more independent^^

My make up collection. Make-up artist wannabe :)
Fake eyelashes is a must!!!

As usual, I want more partaaayyy!! Yeah, still waiting my dearest babes to plan for our next round party haha :) MOS Euphoria, Poppy, Maison here I come!!! XD
Me and Niki still hit to the club on the first day of CNY XD
Barcelona night!! Didnt club at there for so long^^

Must cam-whore till cukup cukup :)

Never stop learning. Thanks to my parents who gave me enough of freedom. I'd learned many things from the outside society. Learning to be more mature, understanding, behave of myself and many more. Set my own future goals and dreams and I'll try very best to achieve it.

I wanna lose weight!!! I hate this part right here~ Im always a Lena Fujii wannabe. Omfg she's damn hot man!!! Really inspiring me alots~~ Hope to be a hottie like her :) Gambateh!!!

You're way too hot girl :P

Hmm I think I'll set my 5weeks-goals until here larh, cause I cant think of any of them :) Hard to accomplish it leh XD I mean the seventh one hahaha :)
Enjoy my 5 weeks holidays to the max :)

Will post up some pics of the first day of CNY with my family members soon~
Lazy liao.



p/s: I miss you badly :(